about us




Padideh Pars Kerdar Co. is the only active company in the area of fruit and agricultural products and especially expert activities regarding pomegranate, which conducts the whole process including planting, maintenance, harvest, packaging, and export by itself. Weather conditions, soil, planting methods, and crop maintenance are among major factors influencing the production of high quality products. Given several decades of experience and having required knowledge, we are proud to produce the most valuable health fruit, i.e. pomegranate, with the highest quality. It should also be noted that harvest methods, as well as transportation, maintenance and packaging methods are crucial factors in supplying good quality products, which should be conducted carefully. Therefore, due to the importance of this process accomplishment, Padideh Pars Kerdar Company has turned to the only active company in the area of pomegranate export in which all the stages are conducted under CEO’s supervision.